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  • Treadmills

    The treadmill is a great all-round piece of equipment that helps exercisers of all levels burn calories, build stamina and strengthen muscles. Treadmills make the exercises of running, jogging and walking more convenient and accessible. Rent a treadmill today!

    Fitness Results:

    • Steady walking or running on a treadmill can help burn the calories necessary to lose weight 
    • Interval programs will boost metabolism, while intensity can be increased with speed or incline.
    • Walking on a treadmill provides a safer, lower-impact form of weight-bearing exercise for adults with osteoporosis or arthritis
  • Ellipticals

    An elliptical exercise machine aims to provide the same motion of running without the jarring impact of the foot striking the ground.  Elliptical machines have the benefit of being a weight-bearing machine working the upper and lower body. Rent an elliptical today!

    Fitness Results:

    • Good option to build cardio with less stress on the joints
    • Works the upper and lower body at the same time
    • Give you a a full-body workout
    • Interval programs will boost metabolism, intensity can be increased with incline or resistance and steady pace will burn calories
    • Safer option for people who are elderly, rehabbing from knee surgery, or are obese
  • Rowers

    Rowing is a coordinated muscle action that involves every large muscle group in the body. The rowing machine provides the best total-body workout of any cardio machine and leads to greater gains in overall cardiovascular fitness. Rent a rower today!

    Fitness Results:

    • Indoor rowing is an endurance exercise when performed for extended period of time at low resistance levels, improving improves lung, heart and circulation system
    • Burns calories; excellent component in a weight loss program
    • Involves all muscles of the body
    • Adjust resistance to increase the workout intensity
    • Effective for the older fitness enthusiast as there is little strain on the back and joints
  • Upright Bikes

    Stationary bikes give you an excellent low-impact aerobic workout that will increase your cardiovascular endurance. Best for anyone who wants to start an exercise program that is easy on the joints. Rent an upright bike today!

    Fitness Results:

    • Non-weight bearing and have lowest impact on joints
    • Burns less calories relative to treadmill/elliptical but steady state programs burn moderate number of calories, interval programs help boost metabolism
    • Resistance can be increased to build strength
    • Good option for earliest stages of knee/hip replacements, ligament repairs as weight is off of the joints
  • Recumbent Bikes

    The recumbent bike design provides back support, a comfortable seat and a cardiovascular workout that won't stress your joints.  It is best for people of all sizes and fitness levels, and is often recommended in rehab programs. Rent a recumbent bike today!

    Fitness Results:

    • Good option to build cardio; non-weight bearing for low impact on joints
    • Burns less calories relative to a treadmill or an elliptical; steady programs can burn a moderate level of calories
    • Resistance can be increased to build leg strength
    • Safer to use for people with joint issues or lower back pain or those in the earliest stages of knee/hip replacement
    • Easiest machine to get on and off
    • Easier to use for people who have never exercised before or who are obese
  • Spin Bikes

    Indoor spin bikes mimic the motion of outdoor cycling. It is an excellent way to build cardio, burn calories and relieve stress. Great for off-season road bike training. Rent a spin bike today!

    Fitness Results:

    • Offers cardiovascular workout without the impact of running
    • Potential to burn 400-600 calories in a 30 minute session
    • Works multiple muscle groups including the hamstrings, quad and glutes, especially with increased resistance
    • Engages core muscles to help with overall posture and alignment
    • Spinning is an option for people with joint problems
    • Great off-season performance choice for cycling athletes
  • Steppers & Stair Climbers

    Steppers and stair climbers imitate the motion of climbing stairs. These machines can provide you with a well-balanced workout and only requires a minimum amount of time each day. Rent a stepper or stair climber today!

    Fitness Results:

    • Provides a great cardiovascular workout 
    • Low impact for people with joint problems
    • Burns a significant number of calories
    • Intensity can be increased through speed and resistance
    • Can also lead to leaner and more toned muscles
  • Vibration Plates

    The latest in exercise tools that boast the ability to lose weight because your body has to work harder by activating more stabilizing muscles to help you balance on a vibrating surface. Rent a vibration plate today!

    Fitness Results:

    • Performing strength exercises such as a squats, lunges, push-ups or tricep dips on a vibration plate can help build muscle in a shorter period of time
    • Whole-body vibration training can improve flexibility by performing traditional hip, leg and shoulder stretches